Surface Finishing  system

Media And Compound

Abrasive Media
  • Ceramic Abrasive Medias
  • Plastic Abrasive Media
  • Steel/Stainless steel Media
  • Wood Media
  • Other material for Finishing
Application :
  • Rough & Medium grinding for radiusing & deburring
  • Fine polishing for finishing, polishing and burnishing soft materials.
  • Surface polishing, luster finishing for all materials.
  • Ball
  • Angle cut Cylinder
  • Straight cut Cylinder
  • Angle cut Triangle
  • Straight cut Triangle
  • Other shape for Finishing
         Surface Preparation Chemicals
  • De-burring Grinding Chemical Compound
  • Cleaning Polishing Chemical Compound
  • Luster Chemical Compound
  • Oil and Greases Washing Chemaicl Compound
  • Anti Rust Chemical Compound
  • Water Treatment Chemical, Floculant, Deformer
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