Surface Finishing  system


Y-Hanger Type Blasting Machine With PLC ControlTF model is designed to suitable for blasting high volume work pieces, such as aluminum die cast part, computer part, automotive parts, etc. required fully cover blasting on the work piece for surface preparation.  Key Features
* Under Germany technology and license
* Integrated with PLC control
* Long Lating spare parts.
* Automative door system pneumatic control
* Abrasive flow control unit for ensuring the optimal blasting result
* Specially designed blasting manner by prepositions switch so the hook hanger rotate and convey to the preposition point for blasting step by step so that the work peices are ensured for fully blast.
* High efficiency dust collector with jet pulse system.
* Less idle time for blasting process
Model TF-10/12-YH TF-12/16-YH TF-12/20-YH
Max. Workpiece Diameter (mm.) 1000 1200 1200
Max. Workpiece Height (mm.) 1200 1600 2000
Max. "Y" Hanger Load (kgs.) 300 500 800
Blasting Wheel Type 2x325 2x325 3x325
Blasting Wheel 2 2 3
First Shot Feed (kgs.) 450 450 600
Ventilator Consumption 
2500 3600 4300
Compressed air consumption (M3/H) 8 9 12
Air Pressure (Bar) 5--7 5--7 5--7
Total Power (kw) 22 29 42
Net Weight (kgs.) 5000 6500 8000
Apron Type Shot Blasting Machine  Range of application
* The die casting, precise casting and surface of the precise forging clearing up
* The surface of sprice, gear wheel is strengthened
* Get rid of flying, burr of the nonferrous metals
* Remove the casting, forging, heat treatment surface and oxidize covers
* The sand face light before the metal part surface is dealt with is adorned
* The machie technology is produced under the comprehensive of European Standard
* The High speed revolve throw device with variable speed control unit.
* The throw devise is equipped with abrasive control gate by pneumatic control valve. It regulates to turn on and shut offf during start and stop operation.
* Highly efficient Dust Collector system with automatic jet Pulse.
* Automatic door lift and rise with air cylinder control unit.
* Adopt PLC system.
Model TF-100-AB TF-200-AB
Blasting Chamber (Dia.xW,mm) 600x800 700x900
Max. Load Volums (Litre) 900 103
Max. Load Weight (kgs.) 150 180
Max. individual Workpiece Weight (kgs.) 10 10
Blasting Wheel Type 1x325 1x325
Blasting Wheel 1 1
Shot Speed (m/s) 51.38---70.64 51.38--70.64
First Shot Feed (kgs.) 150 200
Recommend Shot Size (mm.) 0.1--1.0 0.1---1.0
Ventilator Consumptin (m3/H) 2927 2927
Compressed Air Consumption (m3/H) 8 8
Air Pressure (Bar) 5---7 5---7
Total Power (kw) 9.55 11.55
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